APHASIA= 1=SENSORY APHASIA- a) it is a disorder of language wid enability to encode or decode d signals used in d language.  b) sensory aphasia denotes dysfunction in afferent area, i.e. failure to comprehend verbal written messages.  c) lesions hn dominent post. perisylvian areas r responsible.  d) signs- poor comprehension of spoken speech n inability to read through person is able to hear n see.   e)types- 1-wernicke's aphasia( repetition is defective). 2- transcortical sensory aphasia( repetition is preserved).
 2=MOTOR APHASIA- a) it is disorder in efferent area.  b) lesions responsible r located in anterior perisylvian area.  c) comprehension is relatively well preserved.  d) spoken speech is non-fluent.  e) word out put is reduced., effortful, dysarthric n monosyllabic.  f)pt is able to communicate to some extent. g) types- 1-broca's aphasia.   2- transcorticak motor aphasia. 

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