HIV PEP(Post-exposure prophylaxis):

Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) has its greatest effect if begun within two hours of exposure, it is essential to act immediately. The prophylaxis needs to be continued for four weeks. Exposure must be immediately reported to designated authority and therapy administered. Never delay start of therapy due to debate over regimen. Begin with basic 2-drug regimen & expanded 3-drug regimn.

Basic regimen:Zidovudine 300mg BD(twice a day) + Lamivudine 150mg BD(twice a day)

Expanded regimen:Zidovudine 300mgBD + Lamivudine 150mg BD + Lopinavir 400mg BD

Expanded regimen should be used if there is cut or needle stick injury penetrating gloves,inserting a cathether which was previously used for a HIV infected patient.

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