Menstrual regulation

Menstrual regulation consist of aspiration of the content of uterine cavity by means of a plastic canula ( karmen's canula ) and a plastic 50ml syringe capable of creating a vacuum of over 60cm Hg
- It is carried out effectively within 42 days of begining of LMP.
- a paracervical local anaesthetic block or preoperative sedative alone usually suffices but sometimes in an apprehensive patient , general anaesthesia with intravenous thiopentone sodium may be necessary.
- this procedure can be performed in an office set up , out patient clinic , or day care centre
- this method has been extensively evaluated and found safe, efficient and easy to use in terminating early pregnancy,
- it is a good practice to examine product of conception

-occasional complication encountered are
1) failure to evacuate leading to continuation of pregnancy
2) incomplete evacuation .
3) haemorrhage
4) cervical laceration
5) perforation
6) infection
7) anaesthetic complications .

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