Coronal ,saggital and lambdoid sutures of skull close during 2nd decade of life. One or more these sutures may close prematurely due to which growth of calvarium arrested  in a direction right angles to fused sutures                        classification :-)       1 primary=present  since birth with genetic basis             2 secondary=idiopathic hypercalcemia hypophosphatasia  rickets,microcephaly                                     diagnosis=prominent ridges over closed suture,  asymmetry,confirmed by x ray of skull                               effects of craniosynostosis :-  *cosmetic defects 1 dolichocephaly     2 brachycephaly     3 trigonocephaly    4 oxycephaly              *proptosis and hypertelorism=growing brain within prematurely  stenosed cranium exerts pressure causes displacement of greater wings of sphenoid bone
3) Growth of maxilla is interfered resulting in small nasopharynx.
4) arrested development of brain
5) optic atrophy.

Associated clinical syndrom:-
1) crouzon syndrome
2) alpert syndrome
3) carpenter syndrome

Treatment :-
-linear craniectomy along the affected suture should be performed early.
- orbital decompression is needed in some cases to prevent development of optic atrophy

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