metropathia haemorrhagica

_ It is a specialised form of DUB
_ in dis condition d endometrium is thick and polypoidal and one or d other Overy contains d Cystic follicle
_ it is most prevalent in women over 40 yrs and max btwn 40_45 yr
_ it may also develop in young girls below 20 yrs
_ parity is not related to its incidencep

# Symptoms_
_ most common complaint is continuous vaginal bleeding last 4 many weeks
_ bleeding is always painless since it is anovulatory

¤Typical menstrual history
_TYPE_1) in 50% cases continuos vag. bledding is preceded by amenorrhoea of abou 8 to 10 wks
_TYPE_2) in some pt. bleding follows normal pattern and occurs at d time of expected period
_TYPE_3) bleeding may b preceded by menorrhagia

# D/D
_ MH shud b differentiated 4m
1) ectopic gestation
2) abortion...By absence of pain in MH

# Physical signs
_ enlargement of uterus due to hyperplasia with polypoidal change
_overy is cystic